Member of German parliament impressed by BINDER

August 2019 VIP visit

Frei visits BINDER


When business and politics come together, the results are usually interesting: this was also the case recently at BINDER when Thorsten Frei, Deputy Chairman of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group, met with CEO Peter Michael Binder and the two Vice Presidents Michael Pfaff and Peter Wimmer. Lively debate erupted right from the start of the meeting.


Once Mr. Frei had been welcomed to the world of BINDER, the company’s management representatives discussed the fact that BINDER invests nine percent of its annual turnover in research and development. “That is great to hear and not something that can be taken for granted,” responded the politician.


Vice President Pfaff told the member of parliament that the company has long-term plans for its Tuttlingen site and inquired what Mr. Frei was hoping to do for the region. “I need to bolster the businesses that are based here” was Mr. Frei’s reassuring response to the future successor to Peter Michael Binder and he also explained that he only really became familiar with the structure of family-owned companies when he joined the German parliament. It is for precisely this reason that he is increasingly focusing on this matter, he explained. “Germany has fantastic foundations,” stated Frei.
But he added that this can mean that we don’t always see the problems that actually exist. “Many problems stem from the fact that there is no pressure to succeed,” stated Frei. Nevertheless, he promised BINDER’s management that he intends to do more for the region and its economy.


This is also a matter that is close to the heart of CEO Peter Michael Binder: “We need to ensure that the right economic conditions are in place to enable the future generations to continue what we have built.”


During the subsequent tour of the company, Mr. Frei was able to get an idea of how a simulation chamber is produced and of just how varied their potential applications are. From cancer research
and the automotive industry right the way up to space exploration, Frei was thoroughly impressed
by the developments in his neighboring constituency. “Anyone who comes to BINDER leaves with
a feeling of huge self-confidence to face the challenges to come. This provides the momentum needed for the future,” stated Frei in his closing remarks.