Stability tests

Compliant: Evidence of medication stability leads to reliable efficacy.

Stability tests guarantee the long-term efficacy of your products

The research and development process is just the first step on your product journey. Once this complex and costly phase is complete, you then need to conduct testing to find out whether your products and their active ingredients meet the requirements for stability and shelf life. It’s incredibly frustrating – not to mention expensive – if it turns out that they don’t. But there are ways to avoid this scenario and guarantee the stability and shelf life of your product or packaging – such as conducting stability tests in accordance with ICH Q1A, or photostability tests in accordance with ICH Q1B.  


BINDER Solutions

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Ultra low temperature freezers

Safe storage for sensitive samples down to -90°C

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Constant climate chambers

The perfect climate for any application

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Cooling incubators

Powerful yet gentle on samples, with low energy consumption

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Our promise

“You can rely on our stability tests to prevent this from happening to you and to ensure that your products are a success in your market!” 

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