Drying and heating chambers

High-precision drying and reliable heating

Multi-talented drying or warm storage of samples

BINDER drying chambers with natural convection or forced convection are renowned for their high quality and reliability.
Thanks to their extensive redevelopment, these all-rounders are now even more firmly focused on addressing the requirements involved in drying or heating samples.
What's more, in addition to the best energy efficiency on the market and convenient operation, the latest APT.line™ technology offers outstanding temperature accuracy to give this new generation of incubators real appeal.

BINDER Drying and Heating Chambers

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 with mechanical adjustment

Series E

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with natural convection

Series ED

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with forced convection

Series FD

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with forced convection and enhanced timer functions

Series FED

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with forced convection and program functions

Series FP

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with forced convection and advanced program functions

Series M

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Advantages at
a glance


Via USB connector or Ethernet


this feature provides excellent spatial and temporal temperature accuracy


state-of-the-art controller with LCD display and excellent readability alphanumeric display


thanks to low heat dissipation and an optimized heating system

The advantages of our Drying-Ovens

Our Vice President's Peter Wimmer and Michael Binder-Pfaff explain the many advantages of our Drying-Ovens.

Tips & tricks

Benefit from our many years of experience and learn more about drying ovens and applications

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BINDER Avantgarde.Line premium drying and heating chambers

BINDER drying and heating chambers promise high levels of quality and reliability

Meeting diverse requirements for drying, sterilization, and heating, they can be put to use within industry, science and research, and quality assurance applications.

These innovative units are impressively versatile and have been designed to meet the high demands of the laboratory. With the premium quality even reflected in the modern design, these heating chambers are also incredibly user-friendly.

BINDER heating chambers are innovative units that combine efficiency and performance with exceptionally high levels of precision and ease of handling. The extended temperature range of 5 °C to 300 °C means that these heating chambers are incredibly versatile. Short heating up times and effective thermal insulation also feature on the list of benefits they offer. The BINDER Avantgarde.Line includes heating chambers with mechanical adjustment, with natural convection, and with forced convection in a range of versions and sizes to suit your requirements.

Heating chambers with a wide range of applications

BINDER heating chambers meet the requirements for a scientific laboratory test chamber in every respect, with their outstanding temperature accuracy, homogeneous heat distribution, and residue-free drying being the most impressive highlights. Characterized by a robust and durable quality, these units also comply with key safety standards, including for drying flammable substances.

All of the parts in BINDER heating chambers can be cleaned with ease, reducing the risk of undesirable contamination to a minimum.

With BINDER heating chambers, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will be getting top quality and ease of operation. They can be individually programmed, so they can be adjusted precisely to suit different tasks and projects. Consistent test conditions provide high levels of process reliability.

The extensive choice of program functions makes these heating chambers suitable for a wide range of applications within industry, science, and research. 

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