Company 2023-09-20

We welcome talented new recruits

On September 1, we began the professional journey with a promising new cohort of apprentices.

A total of 13 dedicated young talents from the area have chosen different professions with us.
The budding and aspiring young professionals are spread across various professions: Mechatronics Technician, Industrial Mechanic, Machine and Plant Operator, Technical Product Designer, Industrial Clerk, Warehouse Logistics Specialist. And one student is studying Plus. This colorful mix shows that we have a very wide range of opportunities for apprenticeships in our company.

To strengthen team spirit and cohesion, all the trainees went on an exciting excursion to the Lochmühle in Eigeltingen together with their trainers. There, the focus was on teambuilding activities and games to get to know each other better and create a strong community. A special highlight was the evening program, which was designed by the trainees themselves, demonstrating their creativity and teamwork.

The next day, the morning began with an energetic boot camp and an introduction to self-defense techniques. As a crowning finale, all the brave participants ventured on the Flying Fox zip line, a fun adventure that not only provided adrenaline but also lots of laughs.

The excursion to the Lochmühle was a complete success and plays a major role in helping the new trainees to integrate quickly into our company. We focus not only on technical training, but also on the personal and social development of our future junior staff.

We extend a warm welcome to our new trainees and look forward to accompanying them on their way to becoming competent and committed specialists.