Dynamic climate chambers

Standardized testing under dynamic conditions 

Perfect for material testing under dynamic conditions

BINDER environmental chambers are perfectly suited to material testing under dynamic conditions.
The standard rapid alternation speeds of around 5 K/min make standard-compliant testing possible. An environmental simulation chamber of the MK and MKT Series is suitable for complex temperature profiles in the range of -40 °C or -70 °C to 180 °C.
MKF and MKFT Series of dynamic climate chambers not only make material testing in this temperature range possible, but can also regulate humidity in the range of 10 % to 98 % RH. 

BINDER Dynamic climate chambers

Choose the right product for your requirements.  

for rapid temperature changes

Series MK

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for rapid temperature changes with extended low temperature range

Series MKT

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for rapid temperature changes with humidity control

Series MKF

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for rapid temperature changes with humidity control and extended low temperature range

Series MKFT

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Advantages at
a glance


long-term operational stability even under full load 


high level of standard equipment and a large access area for easy assembly  


easy to handle and can be operated independently of the water supply and water quality. 


program controller featuring a color display and our Multi Management Software APT.COM™ for remotely through a PC 

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More about Dynamic climate chambers

BINDER environmental simulation chambers for dynamic material testing

BINDER environmental simulation chambers don't fail to impress with their high precision and performance levels. They are perfectly suited to material testing under dynamic conditions, with these dynamic climate chambers meeting current IEC, MIL, and EN standards and making it easy to generate even the most complex of climate profiles.

Varying depending on the series and model, the environmental simulation chambers operate within a temperature range of -40 °C/-70 °C and 180 °C. The climate chambers in the MKT and MKFT series can also control the humidity levels within a range of 10 to 98% RH.

It takes almost no time at all for BINDER environmental simulation chambers to simulate various climate conditions, including the extremes. This makes it possible to run accurate tests to see how test specimens react to different environmental conditions – crucial in the automotive, metallurgy, and aerospace sectors as well as other branches of industry.

Whether conditions are at the hot or cold extreme, environmental simulation chambers from BINDER can be relied upon for stress and stability tests, providing homogeneous temperature distribution across the entire testing area, even when fully loaded.

Environmental simulation chambers for norm-compliant material testing

BINDER offers four different series of environmental simulation chambers. The MK series includes dynamic climate chambers that have a capacity of 60 to 720 liters and are ideally suited to performing cyclical temperature tests. However, if you need to perform climate tests with frequent changes, look no further than the environmental simulation chamber models in the MKF series, which also control the humidity levels.

Finally, the dynamic climate chambers in the MKT and MKFT series feature the addition of an extended low-temperature range, operating at temperatures of between -70 °C and 180 °C. These models are the ones to choose if you are looking to perform tests on samples at particularly low temperatures.

All BINDER environmental simulation chambers feature the proven APT.line™ preheating chamber technology, which ensures homogeneous temperature distribution and guarantees accurate measured values at every temperature setting.
Reflecting the latest technological developments, these dynamic climate chambers are incredibly robust and durable, precise, and user-friendly in practice.

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