Constant Climate Chambers

The perfect climate for any application

Ideal for ICH Stability Testing

BINDER climate chambers stand out when testing material behaviors under constant temperature and humidity conditions.
They are fully compliant with ICH guidelines and offer the best solution for stability testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients at 40 °C and 75% RH as well as for numerous other applications.
Series KBF P and KBF LQC climate chambers also offer ICH-compliant illumination for standard-compliant long-term tests. In combination with the innovative Light Quantum Control (LQC), they offer a reliable all-in-one solution for photostability testing in a single chamber.
Wide temperature and humidity ranges can be realized with Series KMF chambers – ideal for complex stress tests at 85 °C and 85% RH, for example.

BINDER constant climate chambers

Choose the right product for your specific requirements.

with large temperature / humidity range

Serie KBF

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with expanded temperature / humidity range

Series KMF

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Solid.Line with Peltier technology

Series KBF-S ECO

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with ICH-compliant light source

Series KBF P

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with ICH-compliant light source and light dose control

Series KBF LQC

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Solid.Line Constant climate chambers with large temperature / humidity range

Series KBF-S

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Advantages at
a glance


thanks to climatic homogeneity that far exceeds the accuracy required by ICH guidelines, even with a fully loaded unit


as a wide range of accessories makes it highly compatible for adaptation to specific customer requirements


thanks to failsafe operation without compromise. The interior and Longlife evaporator plate are made entirely from stainless steel


thanks to maximum effective volume which allows for 30% larger load compared to the competition

The advantages of our Constant climate chambers

Our Vice President's Peter Wimmer and Michael Binder-Pfaff explain the many advantages of our Constant climate chambers.

Tips & tricks

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BINDER Humidity test chambers with high temperature accuracy

BINDER Humidity test chambers don't fail to impress with their innovative technology and durable, robust quality

They are incredibly user-friendly and can even be cleaned with ease. BINDER has developed a range of series to address different requirements and fields of application. These climate chambers provide homogeneous light distribution, operating under constant temperature and humidity conditions. 

In all BINDER Humidity test chambers, the patented APT.line™ preheating chamber technology ensures perfect temperature accuracy in terms of space and time, even when chambers are fully loaded and used for extended periods of time. 

In its KBF series, BINDER offers climate chambers with an expanded temperature and humidity range, allowing for stability tests to be performed with unwavering reliability. Plus, the KBF P series comes with an ICH-compliant light source, making these Humidity test chambers ideal for photostability tests and ensuring clear test results in accordance with ICH Guideline Q1B. There are also illumination cassettes providing flexible placement, so homogeneous light distribution is guaranteed in the interior. 

Innovative Humidity test chambers with light dose control 

In the BINDER KBF LQC series, an ICH-compliant light source is combined with the option of light dose control, with UV-A and visible light being controlled using ball-type sensors.

Once the desired light dose has been achieved, the climate chamber switches off automatically. The KMF series from BINDER has been designed specifically with stress test series in mind. The Humidity test chambers developed as part of this series provide absolutely constant test conditions across the entire usable space. In addition to this, they have a wide temperature and humidity range, are flexible regarding the water supply, and require only minimal space. 

BINDER Humidity test chambers stand out when testing material behavior under constant temperature and humidity conditions in all fields, including industry, science, quality assurance, and research.   

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