Company 2023-09-28

BINDER: World market leader from Tuttlingen

A recent article in the newspaper "Gränzbote" highlights the impressive presence of world market leaders in Tuttlingen.

Tuttlingen is not only on a par with the larger cities in Germany in the rankings, it is even ahead. This has now been revealed by research conducted by the information network "Die Deutsche Wirtschaft" (DDW).
We, as one of the leading players in our region, have established ourselves as a world market leader and are an essential part of this impressive community.
Among the companies that are world leaders in their respective segments are names such as Karl Storz, Henke Sass Wolf, KLS Martin, Andreas Hettich, Chiron and Hohner.
As a family business, our roots are very important to us and our location is of great significance. Our influence extends far beyond the city limits and we will continue to expand our position as a world market leader.

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