New program controller for simulation chambers with light and humidity

March 2017 New controller

New BINDER program controller now also available for simulation chambers with light and humidity

As of March 1, the new BINDER touchscreen controller is now also available for growth chambers with light and humidity as well as for constant climate chambers with illumination and light dose control.



Last October saw BINDER, the world’s largest specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, launch constant climate chambers in the KMF and KBF series with the new touchscreen controller for the first time. And now further series are following suit. As of March 1, the new BINDER touchscreen controller has been added to growth chambers in the KBW series with light and the KBWF series with light and humidity as well as to constant climate chambers in the KBF P series and the KBF LQC series with ICH-compliant light source and light dose control. This state-of-the-art controller is incredibly intuitive to operate and the innovative features make it even more efficient to use. You can see all the functions required for day-to-day use clearly at a glance on the user-friendly 5.7” touchscreen and the smart menu is intuitive and easy to navigate. The program controller regulates the climate conditions in the unit interior and can also be used to program temperature and humidity cycles as well as weekly and time programs in real time. The required values and programs are entered directly via the screen interface on the controller or alternatively via the APT-COM PC software developed specially by BINDER. The new program controller is also extremely secure thanks to the password-protected access levels with various hierarchical authorization functions that prevent third parties from gaining unauthorized access. These levels can each be assigned their own passwords and access to the controller’s functions is locked until a user logs in by entering the correct password. The controller also offers various status and alarm notifications with visual and acoustic indicators. When an alarm is triggered, an e-mail can be sent immediately to the specified e-mail addresses if you wish, and you can save up to three e-mail addresses. The controller comes with a built-in USB port for configuring the unit, and exporting and importing data.  With a web server, it is possible to access the controller screen online, in order to view the event list or error messages, for example. However, due to the strict safety concept, it is not possible to make changes to the settings.