From 5-man shop to global player

March 2015 Made in Germany - From 5-man shop to global player

Tuttlingen-based, family-owned BINDER GmbH has grown from a 5-man shop to a global player with 400 employees. Today BINDER is represented in more than 135 countries.



Tuttlingen -  "Made in Germany." This designation of origin enjoys great respect in international markets and is recognized around the world as a seal of top quality. Tuttlingen-based BINDER GmbH, the world's largest specialist in climate chambers and incubators for scientific and industrial laboratories, also insists that its products be manufactured in its home country. "Uncompromising quality is our greatest concern. And in order to guarantee that quality, we manufacture our machines exclusively in Germany," says Managing Director Peter M. Binder. No unit leaves the factory in Tuttlingen without going through a full final inspection. Well-founded engineering know-how, years of experience and the "Made in Germany" requirements of quality are the key pillars in the company's success story. In the 30 years since its founding, the family-owned company has grown from a 5-man shop to a global player with a current roster of 400 employees. Around 22,000 units leave the factory each year and are in use around the world in laboratories and industrial settings, testing how various products tolerate external factors. The company has a worldwide distribution network including BINDER offices in New York, Moscow, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and is represented in more than 135 countries. On-site consultation and a pronounced customer orientation are additional reasons for BINDER's success around the globe. According to Peter M. Binder, though, there are other factors contributing to the company's ongoing rise in the industry. "Our state-of-the-art facilities are aimed at achieving the greatest possible efficiency and maximum precision with respect to our wide range of products. We value innovation highly, both with respect to our machines and as it affects our manufacturing processes." In a relatively short period, BINDER GmbH has achieved a solid position in the world market and expanded its global presence significantly. Eighty percent of the products BINDER manufacturers each year are destined for customers outside Germany. The company's core markets are in Europe. BINDER earns nearly one-third of its revenue in Asia and is posting continuous growth in the US market.