Know what's important with the new Buyer's Guide

July 2018 Humidity, temperature, and measurement precision

The new Buyer’s Guide spells it out


Material testing under dynamic conditions is challenging. It requires the very best technology. BINDER delivers this with its dynamic climate chambers. Are you asking yourself what a chamber can do and what you need to bear in mind when making a purchase? Then look no further than BINDER's new Buyer's Guide. A dynamic climate chamber has to deliver on five levels: temperature range, humidity regulation, homogeneous temperature distribution, measurement precision, and operation and safety. And that's exactly what our BINDER technology does.


Materials used in the automotive industry have to be absolutely resilient. They are exposed to extreme heat and cold on a daily basis. Despite the conditions in the environment around them constantly and rapidly changing, the materials' properties must remain unchanged.


But the industry does not have the time to wait and see how a material will change over the years. So how is it possible to know something that will not otherwise become apparent for years to come? Dynamic climate chambers can help to accelerate the aging processes brought on by fluctuating conditions such as heat, humidity, or cold.


But not all dynamic climate chambers are the same. The interplay between rapidly changing temperatures, humidification, and measurement precision must be fine-tuned. And this is exactly what a BINDER chamber does.

The Tuttlinger-based company has produced a guide to help you find your way through the jungle of suppliers. There's also a BINDER blog in which experts report on the particular features of dynamic climate chambers.

The possible scope of applications for BINDER dynamic climate chambers is as great as the success they are able to achieve in practice. They are the key to the success of any good laboratory project.


Let us spell it out for you with our Buyer's Guide. It really is worth it.