German Fasnet or Brazilian Carnival?

February 2019 BINDER reports from Brazil

From German Fasnet to Brazilian Carnival


Here in Tuttlingen, home to the BINDER GmbH headquarters, we celebrate our own Fasnet festivities in early March – but while that’s going on, Brazilians are dancing furiously to the beat of Carnival on the other side of the world.

We wanted to know exactly what makes Carnival such a thrilling event. Guillermo Casanova, Sales Manager for Latin America, turned to his Brazilian friend Patricia Santos – a huge fan of the tradition – for this report straight from the horse’s mouth.


It’s Carnival time!


Every year, the Carnival of Brazil attracts millions of people from places all over the world. Locals mix with visitors from every compass point imaginable, and everyone has one thing on their minds –
it’s time to get the party started. This is an event that’s all about music, rhythm, joy, fun, and a rich cultural experience.

The world’s best-known Carnival festivities are the ones in Rio de Janeiro, which include a huge parade.  The sheer magnitude of this event has even merited a mention in the Guinness Book of Records – and what many don’t know is that it is actually organized jointly by several samba schools. From environmental matters to politics and social issues, the participants in the parade have covered almost every theme over the years.

The samba schools also have the chance to compete through their contributions to the parade and are organized into four leagues, with the winner of the second-highest tier gaining promotion into the Grupo Especial at the top. And there’s a huge incentive to win the Grupo Especial league too –
a tasty cash prize.

Able to hold some 88,500 spectators, the Sambadrome is the place to be during Carnival, as this is where the stunning queens, princesses, and baianas can be found strutting their stuff. But stamina is essential, as a parade can last for anything up to ten hours!

Despite their differences in temperature, there is one thing that links the German and Brazilian events: As soon as one is over, the organizers start thinking ahead to the next one. The festivities reach their conclusion on Ash Wednesday and planning for the coming year begins immediately afterwards.


Ultimately, anyone who’s a fan of Fasnet in Germany should pay a visit to the Carnival of Brazil some time too – you’ll be guaranteed a high-energy, party-filled visit.