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Stability chambers

Effective stress tests in stability chambers

When reliable climatic conditions are required, the BINDER stability chamber is the solution in many fields. This chamber allows the configuration and simulation of defined climates over a specified time period. With its space-saving design, the stability chamber will fit into even small laboratories and is suited for fields ranging from pharmaceutical and cosmetic research to the food and packaging industries.



Flexible, space-saving stability chambers


In order to make use of the results of a stability test, a constant climate must be guaranteed throughout the test. Even minor external influences may distort results. Our stability chambers , developed specifically for stress tests, work independent of water supply. In addition, because of their relatively wide instead of deep chambers, they require comparatively less space. Stability chambers developed for stress tests cover a temperature range of -10 to 100 degrees Celsius, whereby the greatest possible stability is guaranteed at around 85 degrees Celsius with relative humidity of 85 percent. BINDER climate chambers are the ideal solution for the automobile, packaging and plastics industries in particular.



Long-term stability tests in stability chambers


For some tests it is necessary to constantly regulate the samples' exposure to light or to simulate both daytime and nighttime conditions. manufactured by BINDER are well suited to this task. These testing chambers have ball-type sensors that record both illumination intensity and UV intensity. If the stability chamber is programmed for a specific illumination time prior to the test, the light source switches off automatically once the sensors have determined that the light dosage has been reached. Of course, the complete solution includes temperature and humidity simulation, making it ideal for pharmaceutical applications. The effects of heat, humidity and light on medications can be effectively simulated and determined in stability chambers.



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