The appropriate application for your industry



Understanding your customers is the only way to provide adequate solutions

Here at BINDER, we truly understand you. We know your industries, the appropriate applications and we are aware of the challenges that you face every day. This knowledge allows us to provide you with exactly what you need: Perfectly suitable solutions!

We offer solutions for every budget and every application!

As a family-owned company, BINDER is completely focused on simulation chambers. We are the world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for the scientific and industrial laboratory. Over 22,000 units leave our plant in Tuttlingen every year. Sophisticated cutting-edge technologies, forward-looking innovations and absolute precision characterize the BINDER brand image, and our experience ensures "Best conditions for your success".



We stand for process reliability.


As an innovative leader, we are constantly thinking ahead.


We believe in partnerships, long-term and with joy.



We think sustainably, act efficiently and produce economically.

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BINDER freezers used to cool mRNA vaccines at vaccination centers

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