Battery testing in einem Batterieprüfschrank mit Blick auf weitere BINDER Schränke zur Batterieprüfung im Labor

Battery tests

Our battery testing solutions play a crucial role in research, quality control, and production for developing safe and efficient batteries.


Efficient battery test

Continuous development and research of energy storage devices is essential to meet the world's increasing energy demand and enable a clean and sustainable future.

Given the growing need for advanced batteries due to vehicle electrification and the global energy transition, product solutions from BINDER support the development of safe and efficient batteries.

Cycler Chamber Chiller

Battery test chambers from BINDER are compatible with devices from all manufacturers.


Depending on the application and test requirements, the following peripheral devices are typically required for battery tests:


  • CYCLER: Charging and discharging of the battery cell.
  • BINDER BATTERY TEST CHAMBER: Simulation of the general temperature conditions of the battery cell
  • CHILLER: Direct cooling and/or heating of the battery cell

Communication and data evaluation between these units are two of the main challenges that arise in the context of an individual test environment. Various interfaces and software solutions can help with this interaction. Implementing the right software solution makes it possible to synchronize thermal and electrical profiles. In this way, large amounts of data can be evaluated, and precise results can be obtained.

BINDER INDIVIDUAL: Our battery test chambers can be adapted and equipped with additional functions depending on customer requirements.

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What classifications apply to handling energy storage devices?

The EUCAR Hazard Standards are used to assess the level of danger associated with handling batteries. They have been defined by EUCAR (the European Council for Automotive R&D) by classifying the hazards presented to batteries and describing the consequences of them. BINDER offers various packages with additional safety measures based on these effects on batteries. What's more, our test chambers meet all market-relevant standards, such as DIN EN IEC or ISO.

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What tests can be performed?

Cells and modules are subjected to various quality assurance and production test procedures. Suitable BINDER test chamber solutions can be found here.

Aging tests

These involve testing at a certain temperature without the battery load cycle. They are performed within a safe temperature range for the battery.

BINDER solutions

Performance test

Various battery-specific parameters, such as the load state, are tested with overlapping temperature ranges. These tests are performed within a safe temperature range for the battery.

BINDER solutions

Stress tests

Various battery-specific parameters, such as the load state, are tested with overlapping temperature ranges. These tests are performed at the limit of the safe temperature range for the battery. This category also includes tests with higher charging and discharging currents overlapping with constant or dynamic temperatures.

BINDER solutions

Why do our customers rely on BINDER battery test chambers?

We can always count on the reliable and durable BINDER chambers.

Mark-Amor Segan

University of Warwick

We were delighted with the option of tailoring the climate chambers to our specific needs.

Johannes Rößner

TÜV Süd Battery Testing GmbH

We were able to seamlessly integrate the BINDER chambers into our own test equipment and they upheld all of the delivery promises – proof that we had made the right choice in purchasing these high-quality units.

Dr.-Ing. Heiko Fechtner

University of Wuppertal

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