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As a family business, BINDER is completely focused on simulation chambers. We are the world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for the scientific and industrial laboratory. Over 22,000 units leave our plant in Tuttlingen every year.

Perfected cutting-edge technologies, pioneering innovations and absolute precision characterize the BINDER brand image. Our primary focus is on the perfect simulation of biological, chemical and physical environmental conditions for a wide range of industries.

The three red triangles stand for superior products, the best service package and professional consultation. This is "Best conditions for your success".

Responsible since the founding until today: The BINDER family

Growth needs
roots and visions


The company founder, Peter M. Binder, marked a milestone in laboratory technology in 1983 with the development of the hot air sterilizer. Within the space of just three decades, BINDER has established itself as an innovative company with above-average growth and outstanding future prospects.

We ensure our independence as a family company by maintaining our consistent premium brand strategy, continuing to develop our production capacity at our German site, and internationalizing our sales activities. As well as working with our core markets in Europe, we are taking advantage of the opportunities in growth markets all over the world.

Currently, BINDER already generates around a third of its revenue in Asia and is experiencing constant growth on the American market.

Facts and Figures


Founding year 



101.4 Mio. €



Export ratio


Manufactured devices

11 countries

Subsidiaries/ sales bases

The BINDER success story

  • 1983

    WTB BINDER Labortechnik GmbH founded with drying chambers and incubators

  • 1989

    First production hall acquired at the Tuttlingen site

  • 1991

    Revolutionary product design – APT.line technology for temperature chambers introduced onto the market

  • 2000

    Name changed to BINDER GmbH with the red triangle as the logo

  • 2002

    BINDER Inc., USA founded

  • 2003

    New business area: environmental simulation chambers for industrial applications

  • 2005

    BINDER research and development center (FEZ) opened at the Tuttlingen site

  • 2008

    BINDER ASIA Pacific Ltd founded in Hong Kong

  • 2011

    Production capacity expanded to 3,800 m²

  • 2013

    30 years after it was founded, BINDER has 400 employees, produces 22,000 units per year, and generates an annual revenue of 60 million Euros

  • 2017

    Opening of the COMPETENCE FACTORY; production area is expanded by 8,800 m²

  • 2018

    The magazine WirtschaftsWoche names BINDER as one of the most innovative companies in Germany

  • 2021

    460 employees worldwide and company sales increase to 92 million Euros

The story of the BINDER family company goes right back to the 19th century and the company has the best prospects for the future.

Peter M. Binder


We are part of the whole

Our fundamental goal is to offer a substantial technical contribution to improve the health and safety of mankind!

This ambitious goal starts with our core business of supporting demanding laboratory and research work with outstanding environmental simulation chambers but it does not end there:

As well as our international core business, we also do our bit for the region and the community. We support projects involving art, culture, and sport, and are committed to the environment, research, and training specialists for the long term. With our total commitment, we want to be a role model for other sponsors of our region!


Our responsibility

For over 30 years, we have been offering our customers more and more when it comes to first-class performance. When it comes to the environment, however, we follow the motto "less is more".

Ecology and protecting resources do not just determine the development and production of our environmental simulation chambers, but also all of our corporate activities.

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Innovation starting at the factory

We at BINDER have always placed great value on research and development and we continue to invest heavily in this area today – currently around 9% of our revenue. 


Customer requirements form the foundation

Here at BINDER, we see ourselves as a partner and innovator for scientific and industrial laboratories. 

BINDER Laboratory Technologies

  • APT.line™: Unique tempering principle with Advanced Preheating Technology

  • SynergyLight™: Illumination cassette with special lamps

  • Light Quantum Control™: Precise light intensity measurement using special 3D ball-type sensors

  • PERMADRY™: Controlled humidity system in BINDER CO2 incubators

  • SmartVent: The intelligent software of the BINDER vacuum drying ovens detects the end of drying based on the pressure curve and ventilates automatically.

  • CO2 -FailSafe-Funktion: The benefit of the FailSafe function is that in the case of a sensor defect, the CO2 concentration is maintained within a range that allows cell cultures to survive in a CO2 incubator.


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