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Climate chamber - Precise results with climate chambers

Precise results with climate chambers

Conceived of as a complete solution, the many models of the BINDER climate chamber provide the ideal conditions for all stability and stress tests. BINDER constant climate chambers simulate a stable, unchanging climate, which is of great importance for precise results. With its easy, convenient operation, our climate chambers minimize work effort without compromising the reliability of the tests.



Various models of climate chambers


Stress tests in different fields serve different purposes. In the pharmaceutical industry, different requirements must be tested than, for instance, in the food industry. We therefore offer a wide range of constant climate chambers tailored to the needs of the respective industries. If the customer requires a simulation with humidity regulation, BINDER offers the climate chamber with humidity, which has customized humidity/temperature simulation. The water reservoir is independent of the water supply, which enables the chamber to be set up without an explicit water connection. If illumination is important to the test results, the climate chamber with ICH-compliant light source is the unit of choice. This solution also guarantees the ability for a constant and adaptable climate.



Cost-saving complete solution - the climate chamber


Regular stress tests are inevitable for performing and verifying research results in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. But not every laboratory has its own climate chamber. Our constant climate chambers are the ideal solution to still be able to carry out the required tests. Thanks to their simple programming and wide range of equipment, BINDER constant climate chambers are suitable for a variety of uses. They offer a wide range of temperatures and allow for an easy, time-saving test procedure that covers all required areas. Depending on the model, the climate chambers we manufacture have different ways of representing the processes obtained, by an independent temperature safety device, completely intuitive menu navigation and/or a controller with memory for up to 25 programs. The climate chamber, for instance, offers stability testing for medications and facilitates the development of new active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry.



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