Model 56
Optional equipment: additional expansion racks
Optional equipment: pump chamber with vacuum pump
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Model VDL 56 | Vacuum drying chambers for flammable solvents

  • Fast, gentle drying
  • Optimum heat transfer through large thermal conducting plates
  • Safe working thanks to ATEX-compliant safety concept
  • Also option of modular complete system with vacuum pump and pump chamber

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Product description

BINDER VDL series safety vacuum drying chambers ensure maximum safety when drying organic solvents. Explosion-protected unit with classification according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU: EX II 2/3/- G IIB T3 Gb/Gc/- X.

Important characteristics

  • Temperature range: +9°C above ambient temperature to +110 °C
  • ATEX conformity for units: EX II 2/3/- G IIB T3 Gb/Gc/- X
  • Intuitive touchscreen controller with graphical pressure and temperature display
  • Program-controlled drying monitoring with automatic ventilation at end of process
  • Internal data logger, measured values can be read out in open format via USB
  • Pressure control device for heating activated from < 100 mbar
  • 2 aluminum expansion racks, can be custom-positioned
  • Universal connection for ventilation with ambient air or inert gas
  • Universal access port DN 16 - for the introduction of external measuring devices
  • Shatterproof, spring-mounted safety glass panel
  • Large viewing window
  • Computer interface: Ethernet

Technical specifications




Article Number9630-00109630-0014
Option model



Performance Data Temperature
Temperature range+9 °C above ambient temperature to 110 °C+9 °C above ambient temperature to 110 °C
Temperature uniformity at 100°C1.2 ± K1.2 ± K
Temperature fluctuation at 100°C0.1 ± K0.1 ± K
Heating up time to 100°C140 min140 min
Vacuum Data
Leckrate0,01 bar/h0,01 bar/h
Electrical data
Rated Voltage200...230 V100...120 V
Power frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Nominal power1,4 kW1,4 kW
Unit fuse8,0 A16,0 A
Phase (Nominal voltage)1~1~
Vacuum connection with small flange16 DN mm16 DN mm
Measuring access port with small flange16 DN mm16 DN mm
Interior volume55 L55 L
Net weight of the unit (empty)104 kg104 kg
Load per rack20 kg20 kg
Permitted load60 kg60 kg
Wall clearance back100 mm100 mm
Wall clearance sidewise70 mm70 mm
Housing dimensions not incl. fittings and connections
Width net638 mm638 mm
Height net815 mm815 mm
Depth net461 mm461 mm
Internal Dimensions
Interior width400 mm400 mm
Interior height400 mm400 mm
Interior depth343 mm343 mm
Unit doors11
Environment-specific data
Sound-pressure level40 dB(A)40 dB(A)
Energy consumption at 100°C180 Wh/h180 Wh/h
Number of shelves (std./max.)2/52/5


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