Applications 2022-05-05

Stability tests

Convenient solution for stability tests

Stability tests are inevitable in determining whether newly developed vaccinations or tissue samples are viable for extended periods as well as to fulfill the requirements of various organizations such as the ICH, WHO or FDA. These tests are part of general quality assurance and are used to verify whether the specifications have been followed and whether the desired service life of samples or products can be guaranteed. To do this, a specified environment must be simulated in the framework of the stability test. High-quality climate chambers are used for climate simulation and many models are offered by BINDER.


Constant climate chambers in stability tests

BINDER  constant climate chambers are a convenient solution because a stability test requires the simulation of a desired environment for a precise time period determined in advance,. In the climate chamber, both the temperature and the climate consisting of light and humidity factors can be ideally aligned with the requirements. It is now possible to check the properties of the material and determine the effects of the simulated environment on the sample. Our products guarantee precise results in both short- and long-term tests. So that the chambers are able to create the climatic conditions of a stability test, they have a preheating chamber with forced convection, automatic water management, precise illumination equipment and a unique light design.


Economical solutions for stability testing


It is not possible for every research facility to operate its own climate chamber. BINDER constant climate chambers therefore offer an ideal alternative to enable laboratories to carry out stability tests reliably and take advantage of the results. Our products follow ICH guidelines and are available in four series which can produce a wide range of simulations. We recommend the BINDER Series KBF, KBF P, LQC and KMF for stability testing. Each of these climate chambers can be used for quality assurance and stability testing in both basic research and in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Integrating illumination cassettes allows light and climate tests to be carried out in a single step in the process step. Our products build on one another. For instance, the basic KBF model offers a climate chamber with humidity; the expanded KBF P model is a constant climate chamber with illumination (in accordance with ICH guideline Q1B). In addition, our APT-COM software provides documentation possibilities to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, research and the automobile industry.

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