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Discover more today: vacuum drying chambers

The vacuum drying chambers information page tells you everything you need to know about this special simulation chamber from BINDER. The page provides you with a comprehensive overview and gives a clear depiction of the world of vacuum drying chambers.

Vacuum drying chambers are used whenever sensitive objects or materials need to be protected against humidity. Not only can the power units reach temperatures of up to 250 °C, but with a low level of humidity, they can also help ensure that, for example, electronic components that are being dried are not exposed to any stress at the same time. Vacuum drying chambers are also ideally suited to testing the durability of cables.

Even food, photographs, stamps, coins, and clothes can reliably be stored in a drying chamber (as such units are often called for short) over an extended period of time. You would be right to be cautious though, as many of our competitors’ units have not proven their worth in practice.

The BINDER brand, in contrast, has proven itself time and again. You can count on our experience. Experience consistency, precision, and reliability for yourself – all in conformance with industry standards.


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