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Drying chamber

Drying chamber: A real all-rounder for the laboratory

Whether they are employed in quality assurance, industrial applications, or scientific laboratories, thermal processes often make use of a drying chamber. As it is usually operated on a daily basis, it is vital that the unit is reliable in order to guarantee high quality standards and process stability.

 Drying chambers can be used in a variety of different applications. You can find them in all drying or sterilization tasks, including curing, tempering, heating, burning in, and even long-term heating. They are also used in temperature stress tests or accelerated aging tests as part of material testing processes. In order to ensure the best drying results, completely homogeneous temperature distribution is crucial. A drying chamber must be suitable for a wide range of tasks and easy to integrate into the relevant test processes without any problems. The ED and FD series drying and heating chambers from BINDER live up to all of these requirements. The units are available with forced or natural convection.


Drying chamber natural convection

Whenever particularly fast drying or sterilization is required, heating chambers with natural convection are the ideal choice, ensuring fast, uniform drying. The chambers are used for routine drying and sterilization work up to 300°C and are suitable for a wide range of applications.


Drying chamber forced convection

Thanks to the high rate of air exchange, all thermal processes are highly efficient for drying chambers with gravity convection. With its homogeneous temperature distribution and fast dynamics, this heating chamber saves valuable time. It should also come complete with a powerful fan.


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