Products 2021-05-20

C170 CO₂ incubator product video

Product video: What makes the C170 CO₂ incubator so Special?

The C170 CO2 incubator product video takes an extraordinary look into the inner workings of the unit. In various sequences and short, informative snippets, the video reveals how the internal processes work – something the user doesn't normally get to see.


Interior design concept

In this video, the interior of the CO2 incubator is laid bare for all to see. Its special anticontamination concept is presented graphically. The stainless-steel inner chamber is manufactured as a seamless single-piece component, while its inner surfaces are kept to a minimum. Thanks to the inner chamber's rounded corners and a design without fans, screws, welding seams, etc., contaminants have almost no chance of getting comfortable.



Contamination control during the incubation of cell cultures in a CO₂ incubator is of the greatest importance. BINDER CO₂ incubators have a highly effective anticontamination concept. The video introduces viewers to the workings of regular autosterilization of the incubator chamber and permanently installed heat sterilizable CO2 sensor using hot air at 180°C. It shows how germs are decimated as the temperature rises until they are finally eliminated once 180°C is reached. 


Humidification system

The spotlight is also shone on the humidification system's operating principle.


As cells react highly sensitively to their environment, it is essential that growth conditions are kept constant and reproducible in order to make cultivation as effective as possible. The video provides a glimpse into the air jacket of the CO₂ incubator and shows how the VENTAIR® air jacket system from BINDER assists in achieving uniform temperature distribution at all levels. Viewers can see for themselves how the humidification system with condensation protection prevents any condensation on the inner walls or corners, which effectively suppresses the formation of breeding grounds for contaminants. The high level of humidity in the incubator atmosphere effectively prevents the nutrient solution from evaporating.


CO2 gas supply

Another sequence presents the operating principle of the CO2 sensor. The CO2 sensor is then shown close-up. The individual components are meticulously separated and then reassembled. The different air currents are shown in various Colors.