Products 2021-11-24

WLAN kit

WLAN-Kit schafft flexible Arbeitsbedingungen

BINDER accessory part enables wireless connection between BINDER chamber and internal network


Both industrial and scientific laboratories generally use Ethernet interfaces to connect a range of units – such as dynamic climate chambers, constant climate chambers, COincubators, cooling incubators, vacuum drying chambers or ultra low temperature freezers – to an internal network. However, some locations do not have the necessary Ethernet connections to enable a smooth exchange of data. The structural conditions may not be suitable or there may not be enough connections available. The WLAN kit accessory part is a recent addition to the BINDER portfolio and provides the perfect solution in such cases.


The WLAN kit establishes a wireless connection between a BINDER chamber and either the BINDER APT-COM4 software, the widely used LIMS monitoring system, or customer-specific software. The kit features three antennas which can be flexibly positioned and ensures a rapid exchange of data thanks to a high-performance sender and receiver. This means that, regardless of the location and the spatial conditions, users can monitor their test specimens at all times. The only requirement is that the access location must have wireless coverage.


The kit, which consists of an Aruba 501 Wireless Client Bridge, a power supply unit, an Ethernet cable (RJ45), and components for installation, is intended for indoor use. Adhesive pads are provided and can be used to fasten the client bridge in any location. The WLAN kit connects one unit to a network. If multiple units are to be connected to the WLAN kit, an additional switch can be employed to allow up to 10 units to be used simultaneously. Installation and configuration in a secured network are generally carried out by the customer's IT department to ensure compliance with the security guidelines of the relevant company or institute.


The control electronics of the BINDER units are based on the same standards, which means that the WLAN kit is compatible with all BINDER product families. Whether it is for material testing, stem cell research, or plant growth, the WLAN kit creates flexible working conditions and provides an extra level of convenience.