Products 2023-02-01

State-of-the-art technology for precise dry and heat treatment

The new generation of BINDER FP drying chambers – now even easier to use

The FP drying chambers of the Classic.Line stand for high quality and reliability. They have been part of the wide range of BINDER drying and heating chambers for a long time, and after their many years of service, they are now being replaced by the new FP Avantgarde.Line product family. Users can look forward to even easier handling as well as numerous programming options.


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ECONOMICAL: Use valuable space efficiently

All drying chambers of the FP Avantgarde.Line series are equipped with a BINDER controller from the latest generation. Thanks to the haptic buttons, operation of the drying chamber is easy and convenient. The integrated and extra-large LCD display supplies important information during use. All unit-specific parameters and temperatures can be viewed at all times, even from a distance.
The new Avantgarde.Line drying chambers are cube-shaped and offer maximum usable space with a minimum footprint. The FP 720, for instance, with its 741 liters of validated usable space, impresses with a footprint of less than one square meter. This is an enormous advantage, especially for smaller laboratories and workplaces.

The ergonomic positioning and operation of the door handle works just like a window. This means the chamber is closed when the handle is in the vertical position (six o’clock position) and can be opened easily by turning the handle (four o’clock position).


SMART: 24/7 use possible thanks to programmable sequences

The BINDER controller is the perfect combination of convenience, versatility and simplicity and offers a very special user experience thanks to a wealth of useful improvements. Storing a time or weekly schedule is child’s play. This means individualized time schedules with different sequences can start automatically, without requiring the presence of an employee. This is of particular interest to the target group, who have to run and verify corresponding test series to comply with certain standards.


RELIABLE: Particularly homogeneous air distribution thanks to modified airflow concept

With APT.line™ technology, BINDER drying chambers are heated constantly and evenly. The new design of this special airflow offers unparalleled temperature accuracy, improved heating and recovery times and a more even distribution of heat inside the chamber. For example, this means that the FP 56 only needs 15 minutes to achieve a uniform interior temperature of 150° Celsius.

SAFE: Maximum process reliability due to fail-safe

Constant measurement of the temperature in the drying chamber is especially important for achieving perfect drying results. To ensure constant temperature measurement even at temperatures of up to 300° Celsius, two temperature sensors are integrated in all FP models. This guarantees that the test series can be carried out flawlessly, even if one sensor fails. The second sensor works as a backup and takes over fully automatically when needed. This eliminates unnecessary downtime, and the time until the defective sensor is replaced can be used for additional test series. The sensor failure is recorded and logged by a collective alarm.


Fan flap control and innovative temperature monitoring

The fan flap can be addressed by the program control and automatically opened and closed at individually defined times depending on the test scenario. For temperature monitoring of the new BINDER drying chambers, the desired mode (independent temperature safety device or independent adjustable temperature safety device) can be selected on the display.
The desired monitoring temperature can be set in “Temperature selection limit” mode and acts as unit and/or goods protection.


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