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Small, medium, large: additional sizes available in the MK and MKF series

Rapid temperature changes with or without humidity regulation in all unit sizes

Dynamic climate chambers in new dimensions: BINDER is expanding its MK and MKF series with 400 and 1020 size options!


BINDER environmental simulation chambers in the MK series are the number one choice for dynamic temperature profiles. Heat and cold tests alike can be performed with precision within these climate chambers. Designed for rapid temperature changes, the environmental simulation chambers can be used within a temperature range of between -40°C and +180°C. As a result, the MK is a clever alternative to complex individual solutions for cyclical temperature tests. Units in the MKF series are also ideally suited for any cold and heat tests, and with humidity regulation ranging from 10% to 98% RH, they satisfy all the requirements defined in current DIN and IEC climate testing standards.


The perfect environment – now available for simulation in additional sizes


Where previously you had to carefully weigh up whether to opt for the smaller (240) or larger (720) version of the MK and MKF series, the 400 size option means there is now an ideal middle ground. And if you’re looking to work with even larger volumes, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth with the 1020!


BINDER dynamic climate chambers are incredibly versatile!


Whether temperature regulation or dynamic climate profiles – whatever they are tasked with, these dynamic climate chambers impress with their precision and performance, delivering reproducible, standard-compliant test results and providing you with the basis for working with accuracy and success. They are an excellent choice for an exceptionally wide range of applications, including material testing, aging and stress tests, and environmental simulation. The opportunities available with these environmental simulation chambers extend well beyond those offered by a standard heating chamber.


The advantages of the MK and MKF series


The patented APT.line™ airflow concept ensures accurate measured values at every temperature setting for all MK and MKF series units. The system provides uniform temperature and climate conditions across the entire usable space even when the units are fully loaded.


Both the MK and MKF series feature programmable condensation protection for samples. Equipped with a heated viewing window with LED interior lighting, the chambers can be adjusted to suit any requirements with ease using the controller with time-segment programming. What’s more, the interior geometry of the MK and MKF series ensures the units are easy to load: While comparable chambers available on the market are very deep, making it difficult for users to reach the areas at the back, the design of our units means they are particularly convenient to use, whatever their size.


The intuitive controller with time-segment and real-time programming makes them extremely easy to use and guarantees complete flexibility. In addition, data is recorded directly in the controller by means of an internal data logger and can be read out via USB.


The BINDER APT-COM™ Basic Edition Multi Management Software and a troubleshooting system with visual and acoustic alarms are also included.


Within the MKF series, humidity is regulated using a capacitive humidity sensor and steam humidification. Further features include an integrated water-storage tank and an automated water and waste water management system.




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