Products 2023-10-13

In use for 39 years: Our oldest device is a drying oven

40 years of BINDER: We were looking for the oldest BINDER device and received more than 50 responses. The winner was MED-EL from Innsbruck.

Their BINDER E15 drying oven has already been in use for 39 years and is therefore even older than the company itself. "The oven was purchased in 1984 as part of a university research project on cochlear implants," explains Dr. Bernhard Jamnig, Head of R&D Testing and Analysis at MED-EL. It was initially used in the electronics manufacturing of analogue implants. After MED-EL was founded in 1990, the drying oven was used in the electronics production of ceramic implants for curing epoxy adhesives. "We were always satisfied with the device," Dr. Jamnig recalls, "otherwise we wouldn't still be using it. I can't remember a single repair. The device still works perfectly." Today, the oldest device is used to dry silica balls and cure adhesives.

MED-EL is a leading manufacturer of systems for the treatment of hearing loss. Their product portfolio ranges from cochlear implants and systems for electric-acoustic stimulation to middle ear and brainstem implants. In addition to the E15, the company also uses a cooled incubator and other drying and heating ovens from BINDER, for example for accelerated accumulator and battery tests at elevated temperatures.