Company 2021-06-15

Get up close from a distance

The Multi Management Software delivers flexibility and security

APT-COM™ 4 passes stress test


The coronavirus pandemic has proven to be a real stress test in all kinds of ways. BINDER’s APT-COM™ 4 Multi Management Software has been put through its paces too – and has passed with flying colors. Employees working from home have been able to access the APT-COM™ 4 software linked to chambers at company premises using their PC and corporate network, and have found the experience a breeze. As one BINDER customer said: “Even though you’re not there on site, the APT-COM™ 4 software consistently makes it feel as if you’re right in front of the chamber”.


This means the customer can verify that their chamber is working exactly as it should, whenever they need to. In the unlikely event that an alarm is issued, indicating an error that could jeopardize valuable samples, the reliable Multi Management Software notifies the customer immediately. What all these features mean is that BINDER – the world market leader in simulation chambers – is providing not only top-quality products, but also user-friendly, compatible software that assists in managing, logging, and documenting measurement results. The ability to work on the go and in different locations is set to continue gaining popularity even after the coronavirus pandemic has subsided. That’s exactly where a tool like APT-COM™ 4 comes in – a tool that can act as both a direct and indirect link to chambers.


The Multi Management Software affords customers previously unimagined levels of flexibility and security, and it is even capable of handling more than one product. In fact, as many as 100 BINDER chambers can be managed and monitored simultaneously using the APT-COM™ 4 software. The units are displayed at the points where they are installed, resulting in reduced response times in cases where an unexpected error occurs during measurement. Other advantages of the software are its appealing design, fast start-up, and availability of different versions.


With features ranging from GLP-compliant logging to convenient program creation and management of up to 100 units, APT-COM™ 4 can be used in every industry. It is a real asset to any user and is even compatible with Windows 10. Not only that, but APT-COM™ 4 features an OPC UA connection, making it a solution that is compatible with Industry 4.0.


Discover the benefits of the new APT-COM™ 4 software and download the latest demo version.