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BINDER video series vacuum drying chambers

Optimal products: BINDER vacuum drying chambers

The Peter and Michael Show: Our vacuum drying chambers


In our new video series “The Peter and Michael Show,” you will discover why BINDER vacuum drying chambers are among the best on the market.


Above all they are safe, since BINDER is the only ATEX-compliant vacuum drying chamber on the market. The highly accurate temperature and pressure control also ensures maximum process stability. What’s more, the BINDER vacuum drying chambers are extremely reliable: they feature a complete system of pump, pump chamber and perfectly calibrated components. This is supplemented by automatic drying detection called SmartVent, which activates as soon as the drying process is complete and initiates ventilation. Controlling the vacuum drying chamber from a PC is also simple and practical. And this demonstrates just how smart the chamber is.


The optimization of the drying times makes an impression when it comes to economic efficiency. The vacuum drying chamber also offers a great deal of space; up to six racks can be accommodated in a BINDER chamber at any one time. The vacuum drying chambers from BINDER are safe, smart, reliable and economical.


Take a look at our latest video.