Products 2021-08-17

BINDER Video series KBF

Optimal products: BINDER constant climate chambers

The Peter and Michael Show: Our constant climate chambers


In our new video series “The Peter and Michael Show,” you will discover how BINDER constant climate chambers are different from every other kind on the market. For example, the video will look at climate homogeneity, which is present at all times, even when the chamber is fully loaded. In addition, the climatic conditions with BINDER are four times more precise than the competition. And these constant climate chambers “Made in Tuttlingen” are also economical. Because maximum quality is a guarantee of a maximum service life. On top of that, the BINDER chamber is reliable, since it offers fail-safe operation. The constant climate chambers from BINDER are safe, reliable, smart and economical.


Find out more about our constant climate chambers and watch the Video.