Products 2021-08-10

BINDER Video-Serie CO2 Incubator

Optimal products: BINDER CO2 incubators

The Peter and Michael Show: Our CO2 incubators


In our new video series “The Peter and Michael Show,” you will discover how BINDER CO2 incubators are different from the many other kinds on the market. Our Vice Presidents Peter Wimmer and Michael Pfaff will explain, for example, how the BINDER anti-contamination concept works.


This establishes sterile starting conditions and prevents valuable samples from becoming contaminated. The interior is also free from obstructions and features rounded corners, making the CO2 chamber incredibly easy to clean so that no contamination is allowed to form. Safe, smart, reliable and economical: the CO2 incubators from BINDER offer the ideal cell growth conditions.


Find out more about our CO2 incubators and watch the video.