Products 2022-04-14

BINDER Reliability

Nothing is more economical than exceptional reliability!

Dynamic climate chamber has been running for 32 years


Over almost 40 years of company history, many things have changed - and yet some things remain steady even across decades. For example: the quality of BINDER products.


One of the most important quality features was and still is longevity: The longer the product's life-cycle, the more economical it is. And in this regard our units are outstanding as well: This fully functional type MK dynamic climate chamber is 32 years old and still in use at the company ML Eingabesysteme in Sinsheim.


Currently, the company uses the MK almost daily for general stress tests of release samples or also for printed electronics. For example, to burn in assembled LEDs on printed circuits.


"With such an experience, an exceptionally reliable unit as this one, we didn't have to think twice about where to order a dynamic climate chamber from the new generation: From BINDER, naturally!" reports Armin Maier, Managing Director at ML, adding when asked, "The old MK will still run, of course."


This means that our current promise of cost-effectiveness can already be derived from the past and is not just a modern marketing ploy. After all, it could hardly be more economical than using the same unit for 32 years!


BINDER - safe, reliable, smart and economical - not just as of today.