Company 2021-09-03

BINDER a popular provider of appealing training opportunities in the region

Strong encouragement for young talent

Promoting the development of young talent is one of BINDER's top priorities. Every year, under the direction of Training Managers Timo Haag, Robert Pejakic, and Jenny Bett, BINDER helps young people take the first steps on their career paths. The company offers a wide range of industrial and commercial training opportunities, plus dual study programs. The trainees are plunged straight into the professional world as part of a dedicated team operating with state-of-the-art, high-tech facilities, and are given the chance to acquire technical expertise in any of a range of fields: mechatronics, industrial engineering, machine and equipment operation, punching and forming technology, or warehouse logistics.

On the commercial side, prospective industrial managers and students from nearby universities progress through all the departments they need to know about as part of their work in an industrial business. BINDER GmbH has also recently added training in product design to the career opportunities it offers. This year, the BINDER team is once again looking forward to welcoming its new crop of 17 trainees, who will commence their training at the Im Mittleren Ösch premises right on time for the start of the academic year. The new trainees are Sabrina Hermann, Alica Kästle, Felix Staub, Philipp Schneider Strittmatter, Justus Schmid, Abdelhady Aboschmeis, Marvin Kamper, Antonio Tscherter, Leon Bernauer, Fabian Mägerle, Leon Zöller, Gian-Marco Sestito, Susan Baumbach, Manuel Reutebuch, Tobias Warratz, Jeremi Zohar, and Andre Mayer – and all are eagerly anticipating what their training has in store for them. They can certainly expect a great team to work with, a fantastic atmosphere, and lots of additional perks. A warm welcome to the BINDER team!