Company 2021-09-22

10 years of fun and team spirit at BINDER trainee outing

Fitting celebration of the dedication of our trainers

It has been 10 years since the BINDER trainees first accepted the invitation of training manager Timo Haag to spend a weekend together at the Lochmühle in Eigeltingen. What was intended as a one-time team event at the start of the new training year is now a permanent part of the training program at BINDER GmbH. Every year, there is a great sense of anticipation when it comes to competing with co-workers in bull riding, foosball or ax throwing and simply enjoying good times together. The Lochmühle amusement park is the perfect venue for the BINDER trainees, as the range of indoor and outdoor activities offers the perfect chance to get to know each other and prepare the team for their upcoming training.


This year, there was something special for the … trainees to celebrate. The 10-year anniversary of the BINDER trainee outing is something worth celebrating, and the work of our trainers is also deserving of an honor. To mark the occasion, BINDER trainees came together with management and former trainees on September 10 to celebrate the 10th anniversary together with a suckling pig and a buffet. Managing Director Peter M. Binder thanked training managers Timo Haag, Robert Pejakic, Jenny Bett and Olivia Wetzel for their extraordinary commitment with a voucher for admission to the Europapark amusement park. “Thank you very much for your dedication and the enthusiasm and joy for working life that you impart to young people.” But the trainees also had a surprise in store. With a rehearsed program, they made for a very fun and entertaining evening. At the same time, they took this evening as an opportunity to honor the social commitment of Ingrid Binder and her Dianiño Foundation. They had collected money for the foundation, which supports families with children suffering from diabetes, and presented Ingrid Binder with a check for 555 euros.


For BINDER trainees, the team event is always a great experience which they will remember fondly for years to come.