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Looking for the right climate chamber? BINDER products fit the bill perfectly.


Every BINDER climate chamber is equipped with top-of-the-line technology made in Germany and makes it possible to precisely simulate biological, chemical and physical environmental conditions. The wide range of products from the leading specialist addresses the various requirements in science and industry. It comprises temperature and climate chamber models, material testing and drying chambers as well as environmental simulation chambers. You'll find the ideal unit for every application here!

CO₂ incubators

Series C CB

BINDER CO₂ incubators offer optimum growth conditions for cell and tissue cultures with minimal risk of contamination because they function without condensing and are particularly easy to clean.

CO₂ incubators >

Incubators Avantgarde.Line

Series BD BF

Reliable incubation and reproducible results – these are the hallmarks of BINDER Avantgarde.Line incubators. The efficiency and performance levels of the new incubators make them really stand out from the crowd.

Incubators Avantgarde.Line >

Incubators Classic.Line

Series B BD BF

Reliable incubation and reproducible results – these are the hallmarks of a BINDER incubator. Every unit is designed to meet the strict laboratory requirements.

Incubators Classic.Line >

Cooling incubators

Series KT KB

With its wide temperature range and extensive program functions, a BINDER cooling incubator ensures reproducible conditions in the microbiology laboratory.

Cooling incubators >

Growth chambers


The precise regulation of the parameters light, temperature and humidity makes reproducible growth conditions, for instance for plants or insects, possible – and this can be achieved with great accuracy in every high-performance BINDER humidity chamber.

Growth chambers >

Ultralow temperature freezers

Series UF V

A BINDER ultra low freezer makes safe storage of sensitive samples for many years at -86 °C possible with its convenient operation and unique touch-free access controls.

Ultralow temperature freezers >

Drying and heating chambers Avantgarde.Line

Series ED FD FED

The convenient operation and performance levels of the new BINDER drying chambers make them really stand out from the crowd, and guarantee perfect results when drying, heating, and sterilizing samples.

Drying and heating chambers Avantgarde.Line >

Drying and heating chambers Classic.Line


A heating chamber from BINDER combines powerful performance with cost-effectiveness. This ensures perfect results in the drying, heating, and sterilization of samples.

Drying and heating chambers Classic.Line >

Safety drying chambers

Series FDL

Drying coating materials and paint made easy! A BINDER heating oven functions with absolute temperature accuracy and ensures safety and ideal test results in production as well as in the laboratory.

Safety drying chambers >

Vacuum drying chambers

Series VD VDL

Non-flammable as well as flammable solvents dry – gently, quickly and with the greatest precision. A BINDER vacuum oven completes these tasks with outstanding performance.

Vacuum drying chambers >

Constant climate chambers


Every climatic chamber from BINDER is an extremely reliable partner in a wide range of stability tests. Precisely stable climatic values make it possible!

Constant climate chambers >

Dynamic climate chambers


A BINDER environmental chamber covers complex alternating climate and temperature profiles. Its reliability makes it exceptionally well suited to standard-compliant testing.

Dynamic climate chambers >