BINDER constant climate chambers, now with an extended climate range

February 2015

The climate range of the KMF series of constant climate chambers is being extended to 98% relative humidity. This allows for an even wider range of applications.



Tuttlingen, February 2015 – In all areas of industry, ever higher requirements are being placed on the durability of materials and products. Material load testing carried out over a long period is used to test the temperature and humidity resistance of materials more intensively and to determine their durability under different climatic conditions. For this reason, BINDER GmbH has extended the climate range of the KMF series of constant climate chambers from 90% to 98% relative humidity. The extended humidity range makes it possible for test materials to be subjected to even tougher conditions. This is extremely advantageous in the electrical and electronics industry since, in this field in particular, test scenarios are often carried out at high humidity levels.


The constant climate chambers are designed for stress testing in long-term operation with stable temperature and humidity values. Test materials can be exposed to a temperature range of between -10°C and +100°C and humidity of between 10% and 98%. Due to the shallow depth and tall design of the device, it has a large access area so all operating elements are easily accessible from the front. In addition, an inner glass door with a seal protects the testing chamber from unwanted temperature fluctuations. This means that the test materials can be examined without having to open the door.


The testing chamber is fitted with a drift-free, capacitive moisture sensor, which helps with the quick reaction time of the steam humidifying system and allows for a short recovery time after the door is opened.


In addition, the device has a high resistance to chemicals since the evaporator is made of pure stainless steel. This means that no non-ferrous metals are used in the outer vessel, which prevents unwanted electro-chemical reactions. Air circulation on both sides guarantees homogeneous climate conditions across all test materials, even if the device is fully loaded.


Furthermore, the device is extremely flexible with regard to the water supply. If the water quality is acceptable, the device can be connected directly to the household water system. However, if the water quality is unacceptable, there is also the option of using the BINDER PURE AQUA Service water treatment system. This system processes faucet water and demineralizes it. There is also the option of attaching an external water supply set so that the device is not dependent on the water supply and installation location.


The constant climate chamber can also be modified by BINDER to suit any special customer requirements. Whether these are additional windows or doors, extra access ports for measuring instruments, a connection for a compressed air dryer or alternatively a CO2 supply, the BINDER INDIVIDUAL range is practically limitless.