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02 March 2018 The world of CO₂ incubators

All of the key facts in one place for you!

12 October 2017 C170 CO2 incubator product video – tips and tricks

An extraordinary look into the inner workings of a CO2 incubator

20 April 2017 LED strip light accessories

LED strip lights can be used for biological applications requiring reduced luminous intensities.

21 October 2016 Validation and qualification

White paper: Validation and qualification 

16 August 2016 Accelerated shelf-life testing

White paper: Accelerated shelf-life testing for natural colorants

11 August 2016 APT.line™

Working priciple of the APT.line™ preheating chamber technology

07 July 2016 Peltier technology

White paper: Modern Peltier cooling technology 

07 July 2016 Consumer behavior

White paper: Trends in consumer behavior (food)

05 February 2016 Drying chamber

All-rounder for all drying or sterilization tasks, and long-term heating for the laboratory