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05 March 2018 BINDER online store makes shopping easy

BINDER has launched a new online store.

12 January 2018 What you need to know about CO2 incubators…

BINDER incubators have so much to offer. All tips and tricks surrounding them can now be found on the pillar page.

20 April 2018 BINDER brings everything you need to know about constant climate chambers together on a single page

Practical and informative – the new information page for constant climate chambers from BINDER.

04 April 2018 Protecting the PC mouse from oily skin

Kraiburg TPE, a company based in Waldkraiburg in Germany, uses heating chambers from BINDER for a wide range of tests featuring granulate. The soft material, which is processed to make toothbrushes, razors, and gearshifts, must be capable of withstanding interference factors. BINDER chambers are used to ensure that this is the case.

13 March 2018 BINDER gets on board with the Wild Wings

Entrepreneur Peter Michael Binder, set to give support to the Schwenninger Wild Wings pro hockey club, pays a visit to the team. 

05 February 2018 BINDER GmbH reveals its very own video portal

BINDER GmbH can now show off what the company has to offer through the medium of film on its new BINDER TV page. 

05 February 2018 BINDER responds to customers' requirements

The new controller allows error messages to be quickly transmitted to BINDER, saving service technicians the time and effort of making an extra trip. 

29 January 2018 International spirit in full force at BINDER

National and international sales representatives came together with internal sales staff to talk the night away.

29 January 2018 New service brochure makes the decision-making process easier

BINDER supplies premium units and has a model service concept on offer. The company's new brochure is here to provide all the key details.