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16 July 2018 Checklist to assist quality assurance

The BINDER checklist helps users to meet the requirements of the GLP.

19 June 2018 Labels are subjected to interfering factors

The Schreiner Group in Oberschleißheim relies on BINDER chambers to carry out quality testing.

19 June 2018 BINDER's triumphs once again at ACHEMA

BINDER GmbH presented a whole host of new products at the world's leading trade fair for the process industry.

13 June 2018 Safe testing in the cell and module test chambers

To perform tests on cells or modules, you need particularly secure chambers. BINDER builds exactly these devices.

07 June 2018 BINDER introduces refrigerant that is even more environmentally friendly

BINDER is already thinking about the kind of world we will leave to future generations. That's why it has started using a new type of refrigerant in its dynamic climate chambers. 

04 June 2018 BINDER chambers create the ideal environment

Most people don't know that many cells grow better in an environment with a low oxygen concentration. Our blog post explains the entire process.

09 May 2018 Fresh from the press: the new BINDER WORLD magazine is out!

Stop and allow yourself a breather – read our new BINDER WORLD magazine.

03 May 2018 Tuttlingen-based firm puts on an impressive performance with numerous innovations

BINDER to exhibit at ACHEMA in Frankfurt between June 11 and 15.

20 April 2018 BINDER brings everything you need to know about constant climate chambers together on a single page

Practical and informative – the new information page for constant climate chambers from BINDER.