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04 September 2018 BINDER offers the best efficiency on the market

At BINDER, protecting the environment is always high on our agenda. And the same was true in the process of developing our new freezer. 

28 August 2018 BINDER offers solvent curve calculation

The user is the focus for this Tuttlingen-based company. The user needs to have the best safety and the greatest benefit.

16 August 2018 New high-biosafety laboratory opens in Berlin

Gassed incubators from BINDER are assisting researchers in their work with dangerous viruses. 

13 August 2018 BINDER dynamic climate chambers deliver faster results

The dynamic climate chambers can simulate environmental influences and allow aging processes to progress. 

08 August 2018 The power unit from BINDER

The new CB 170 creates the very best conditions for laboratory staff to do their work well.

02 August 2018 Rock solid chambers at a reasonable price

With Solid.Line, BINDER has created an alternative to the large number of premium products it offers.

31 July 2018 BINDER INDIVIDUAL meets special customer requests

The BINDER INDIVIDUAL group is receiving more and more inquiries about customized products.

31 July 2018 Head of Development gives some insights into research at BINDER

Jochen Bollaender, our Head of Research and Development, wants to bring new products to fruition even faster.

30 July 2018 BINDER brings the Weber barbecue to its happy winner

BINDER recently presented a Weber barbecue as a competition prize to a young man.