Watch and read – BINDER helps achieve a breakthrough in coronavirus research

March 2020 corona-forschung

BINDER helps leading virologist achieve a breakthrough in coronavirus research


BINDER received attention from television producers for its involvement in this achievement. A video of the report can be viewed here: 



It discusses how BINDER’s freezers were able to help virologist Professor Volker Thiel achieve the breakthrough in his research into the virus – something that Thiel, who is based at the University of Bern, also confirmed himself in a phone call with BINDER.


The press reported on the sensational development at the start of the week, stating that it would now be able to help scientists throughout the world develop a vaccine. Thiel’s breakthrough, a synthetic clone of the virus, is what researchers need to further their progress in the fight against the disease; original samples of the virus are unable to produce the same outcome. This is what makes the development so significant, but Thiel has added the caveat that researchers will still be working on a coronavirus remedy for some time to come.


BINDER GmbH is delighted with the response that its equipment has received and especially that it has been able to play a role in this breakthrough. Major pharmaceutical companies are other examples of customers that are using the Tuttlingen-based company’s premium products to develop a vaccine that will combat COVID-19.