Products 01-13-2023

Multi Management Software with new features

APT-COM™ 4 makes complex unit monitoring and data management secure and cost-effective

The BINDER Multi Management Software APT-COM™ 4 has been developed to streamline complex unit monitoring and make it more reliable than ever. A key component of the latest software release is the integrated alarm center, which reliably protects sensitive and costly tests in BINDER chambers.  APT-COM™ 4 enables users in all industries to control up to 100 simultaneously connected BINDER units easily and to manage their data seamlessly. The automatic search function finds BINDER chambers in no time at all, and they can be configured and monitored easily using the new alarm center

Alarm center provides considerable added value

The alarm center has now been seamlessly integrated into the GLP edition and has considerably expanded its range of functions. In addition to a simple unit overview, all users of the GLP edition now have access to an alarm tool for all or for specifically selected BINDER units. Alarms, for example for individual tolerance ranges or time delays, are configured and saved for each individual unit. If the set parameters are exceeded or not reached, this is immediately detected by the software and the affected process is highlighted in the unit overview. This allows the employees responsible to intervene promptly and eliminate the cause of the error message.


Application-specific installation options

There are currently two installation options. Either the APT-COM™ software with the alarm center is installed on one PC, in which case the first thing users see is a general overview of all installed BINDER units. A filter function can then be used to display just the units that are to be monitored. Or the alarm center is displayed on a separate, second PC. This only displays the units to be monitored. This option is particularly suitable for location-independent alarms, also known as remote monitoring. In this case, the employees responsible can work and react in another room within the company. Regardless of the chosen installation method, APT-COM™ 4 sends an e-mail to a customizable list of recipients in the event of an alarm. An alarm kit for forwarding signals to a third-party system is available for both versions. Users can decide whether the alarm is to be reported visually, acoustically, or via a laboratory information and management system (LIMS).

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Put us to the test

Both new and existing customers have the opportunity to test the DEMO GLP edition of the BINDER Multi Management Software APT-COM™ 4 for 30 days free of charge and without any obligation.

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