Cold storage

Deep-frozen: Preservation of biological samples and
heat-sensitive substances at -80°C.

Long-term storage with absolute temperature stability!

Cold storage gives you the security you need for your future – providing ultra low temperature cooling when conventional freezers aren’t up to the task. Ultra low temperature freezers keep your sensitive samples safe so they emerge from long-term storage in tip-top condition. If you work in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, health care, food, or academia, this won’t be news to you.  

If heat-sensitive samples are part of your production process, freezers are essential for storage. In the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry, you might use freezers to store your library of active substances. If you’re an academic or health specialist, you might be researching biological materials like nucleic acids, proteins, or tissue samples – all of which need to be kept cool.  

Whether you work in biology, chemistry, or medicine, we guarantee that our time machines will keep your samples safely frozen in time! 

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Ultra low temperature freezers

Reliable storage of sensitive samples

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BINDER ULT freezers cool to temperatures as low as -90°C, which is significantly colder than the standard -80°C offered by competitors?

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03-17-2021 Case Studies

BINDER freezers used to cool mRNA vaccines at vaccination centers

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