Products 11-18-2022

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The perfect energy-efficient addition – a 400 l size joins the ECO product family.

BINDER’s ECO range is growing all the time and maintains a focus not just on precision, but also on an eco-friendly ethos and energy efficiency. Our KB ECO and KBF-S ECO product lines are shining examples of just how it does that. With optimized thermoelectric cooling technology and patented heat dissipation, BINDER refrigerated incubators and humidity test chambers are among the most energy-efficient units on today’s market.
Now, the ECO product family has a new member – a 400-liter chamber that adds yet another size option to the range. This new model is the ideal choice for users who not only need precision in their research work, but are also conscious of their impact on the environment. What’s more, the ECO 400’s slimline design creates an impressively small footprint.


What makes the BINDER ECO series stand out?

The entire product range delivers outstanding features in the form of safety, reliability, intelligence, and efficiency – not to mention the very lowest energy consumption in its class. This ecological milestone has been achieved thanks to a smart advancement in its thermoelectric cooling technology. While conventional units on the market draw in circulating forced-convection air that becomes steadily warmer and is then used for cooling, BINDER units have forged a significantly more innovative path. The air supply is transferred by means of a clever method that results in much cooler and fresher ambient air being used for cooling purposes. In turn, this makes it possible to reach low temperatures effortlessly, reduce cooling down times, and cut down on power consumption significantly. Not only that, but the entire process is climate-neutral and uses no refrigerants whatsoever. All the products in the ECO series also feature whisper-quiet operation, and BINDER has packed the range with a whole host of patented innovations such as homogeneous temperature distribution using APT.line preheating chamber technology, which ensures exceptional temperature accuracy even when chambers are fully loaded.


Refrigerated incubator KB ECO 400

Humidity test chamber KBF-S ECO 400