Ultra-low Temperature Freezers

Reliable storage of sensitive samples

Optimal storage of vaccines

The spotlight is on environmentally-friendly design in the BINDER ultra low temperature freezer.
This applies particularly to the best energy efficiency in its class and the lack of refrigerants that are harmful to the climate. A multi-layered safety concept allows users to mix and match elements to suit any environment.
With practical unit sizes appropriate, sophisticated options and practical accessories, users have everything they need for reliable long-term storage of highly sensitive samples.

Vaccine fridge - Optimal storage of vaccines in the ultra-deep freezer.
Ultra-low freezers from BINDER are the optimal solution for storing vaccines. Incorrect vaccine storage and interrupted vaccine cold chains quickly lead to loss of efficacy.
In contrast to conventional refrigerators in the laboratory, the BINDER ultra-low freezer guarantees absolute temperature stability during vaccine storage.
Especially when storing vaccines that require a cold chain, you also benefit from the multi-level safety concept.
Thanks to the temperature range from -90 °C to -40 °C, proper and controlled storage of vaccines is ensured at all times.

BINDER Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

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with climate-neutral refrigerants

Serie UF V

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Advantages at
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samples remain frozen for > 30 hours on power outage or system failure


access control via PIN code and push-button door opening


long-lasting rust-proof sample chamber


permanently low electricity costs over the entire service life of the freezer

The new ultra-low temperature freezer UF V 350

The UF V 350 shines with a significantly reduced footprint, allowing laboratories to make optimal use of valuable space while ensuring reliable storage of sensitive samples at up to -90 °C.

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Ultra low temperature freezers with VIP insulation from BINDER

BINDER ultra low temperature freezers with VIP insulation and electromechanical door lock offer maximum levels of safety for the storage of products and samples thanks to their multi-level safety concept and electronic protection against unauthorized access

Guaranteeing a constant low temperature, the ultra low temperature freezers are ideal for the stable, long-term storage of samples from the chemical, medical, and biological fields.

The temperature range inside the ultra low temperature freezers is -40 °C to -90 °C, with the option to adjust this to the accuracy of one degree and regulate it using a controller. The controller's keypad can be locked as required and the adjustment menus can be password-protected. The fault analysis system built into the controller kicks in if changes in temperature are detected, emitting visual and acoustic warnings and alarms.

BINDER ultra low temperature freezers for efficient workflows

A cascade compressor cooling unit keeps the ultra low temperature freezers cool, with CFC-free safety refrigerants being used. The freezer interior and the inside of the insulated unit door have a stainless steel coating, making the unit easy to clean. The smooth surfaces on the inside help here too.

BINDER ultra low temperature freezers combine excellent usability with maximum process reliability to make your workflows efficient and accurate. The units come in practical sizes and are designed with the various requirements for the storage of samples in mind.

A range of accessories is also available to suit specific needs, making the ultra low temperature freezers extremely versatile.

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