Microbiological Incubation

Ideal temperature: Effective multiplication of bacteria and reliable evidence of
microbiological contamination.

Perfect in application. Variable in use.

When working with microorganisms, nothing is more crucial than precision incubation which remains stable in the long term. Homogeneous temperatures are the prerequisite for successful incubation results. Whether food microbiology or hygiene control, BINDER is the complete outfitter for you in the area of microbiological incubators.

BINDER Solutions

Select the right product for your specific requirements.

Cooling incubators

Powerful yet gentle on samples, with low energy consumption

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Standard incubators

Reliable incubation with natural convection or forced convection

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ULT Freezer

Reliable storage of sensitive samples

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Did you know that...

for Corona vaccine storage, thousands of cold chains were secured by BINDER ultra-low temperature freezers?

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