BINDER at the Careers Day

July 2019 Significant interest

BINDER on the look-out for skilled personnel


50 leading family businesses from across Germany, including BINDER, were represented at the 23rd Careers in Family Businesses Day at Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG in Ditzingen.
650 selected applicants took the opportunity to engage in dialog with potential employers about the possible paths their future careers might take.  In advance of the event, the family businesses that were going to be in attendance were able to make appointments to meet with the candidates they wished to see via the event organizer.


By the time the Careers Day dawned, BINDER had 17 meetings scheduled on its agenda. “The candidates came from all over Baden-Württemberg, and there were even some from in and around Tuttlingen itself,” reports Sylvia Buhl from BINDER’s HR department. Ms Buhl and HR Director Uwe Werner, along with Olivia Wetzel and Nicola Bacher, really had their hands full.


Along with meeting potential new employees, the BINDER team’s day also included staffing the redesigned BINDER stand, to which they welcomed a good number of interested visitors, some of whom had very specific questions to ask. The HR department was assisted by R&D Director Jochen Bollaender and Senior Finance Director for ICT & HR Benjamin Jeuthe.


The meticulous work done by the BINDER team at the careers day has already proved to be worthwhile, with as many as ten second interviews due to take place at BINDER soon. “We’re really very happy with how the day went and are already looking forward to the next Careers Day in November 2020,” everyone agreed.


The Careers Day for Family Businesses is a business initiative which is supported by the Foundation for Family Businesses in Germany and Europe and the EntrepreneurClub.