BINDER protects its employees

May 2019 Arbeitssicherheit

At BINDER, occupational safety is paramount


Significant developments have been made in the area of occupational safety at BINDER in recent years. HSE Manager Frank Wirth and his team have implemented numerous measures and precautions to protect BINDER employees from injury. Their efforts were certified by the employers’ liability insurance association Berufsgenossenschaft Energie Textil Elektro Medienerzeugnisse (BG ETEM) in 2016, following a successful audit headed by Technical Supervisor Stefan Drodofsky.


The outstanding quality of the occupational safety procedures in place at BINDER was recently reaffirmed in the form of another audit. Stefan Drodofsky once again carried out the certification in accordance with BG ETEM’s procedural principles as well as the DIN ISO 45001 standard. The award, now presented in an elegant frame, is valid for a period of three years and will, of course, take pride of place on the office wall!


The certification proves that BINDER has taken ample precautions to ensure that employees both arrive at and leave work happy and healthy. At the heart of the safety net BINDER has established in recent years is a complete occupational safety management system. This system is reviewed on a regular basis, with a variety of activities and meetings taking place within the company.


Alongside internal reviews, occupational safety at BINDER is also subject to external checks. The measures already taken are set to be intensified even further, as LEAN FACTORY Manager Christian Schäfer, Frank Wirth, and Head of Human Resources Uwe Werner all attest.