BINDER premium chambers benefit from premium software

July 2019 Safe as houses

You can rely on APT-COM 4


BINDER’s Multi Management Software APT-COM 4 has established itself on the market. But that’s not all: The software, which enables users to record, program, manage, and document data, is even proving to be a buying argument.


APT-COM 4 functions almost like a mastermind, with a monitoring software element in the form of the Alarm Center.  What this means is that if the link between the software and the BINDER chamber is lost (due to a network failure, a crash, or a power failure, for example), the Alarm Center will step in. The Alarm Center is included in the APT-COM 4 software package and will even respond promptly
by sending an e-mail when a contact is added. Essentially, the Alarm Center monitors the monitor.


BINDER recommends that everyone working in compliance with GxP guidelines should get the ALARM KIT hardware. It is designed to respond should the two computers working upstream malfunction. Operation is monitored via a network link. In the event of a failure, responses can range from sending a simple alarm message through to triggering a building alarm system.


What we have here, therefore, are two systems that work independently but are perfect partners and the ideal complement to each other.


The Alarm Center is supplied with APT-COM 4. The ALARM KIT hardware can be purchased separately.