BINDER is the world number one

July 2019 World market leader rankings

BINDER is the world market leader once again


Another major success for BINDER: Once again in 2018, the Tuttlingen-based company is one of 452 world market leaders in Germany.

Christoph Müller, Professor of Business Economics at the University of St. Gallen, undertook a research project for the German weekly business news magazine “Wirtschaftswoche”. His findings for 2018 showed that there are 452 world market leaders in Germany. Many of them are located in small towns and cities, producing specialist products for markets all over the globe.

These companies meet the following criteria: They are the world number one or two in their discipline, they are active on at least three continents, and at least half of their turnover is accounted for by sales outside their home market.

BINDER GmbH is delighted with this success and intends to maintain its position in 2019.