BINDER opens a warehouse in China

June 2019 Quick and direct

Huge demand for BINDER products in China


There is a huge amount of interest in BINDER simulation chambers in China, and the Tuttlingen-based company is keen to meet this demand. In order to ensure that products can be supplied quickly to customers, BINDER has now set up a warehouse covering an area of 10,000 square feet close to the office of its Shanghai subsidiary.


Bastian Hölle, Head of Customer Service and Customer Logistics, was on site to see the first BINDER chambers arrive in Shanghai. “The premium products were unloaded and placed in storage with the utmost care,” says Hölle, who was ably supported throughout the process of setting up the Shanghai warehouse by the entire Customer Logistics team at the headquarters in Tuttlingen as well as the staff at the BINDER sites in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The route taken by the first direct delivery from Tuttlingen to Shanghai was also interesting, as it followed the new Silk Road by rail.


Now that BINDER is importing goods directly into China, many different documents are required. Most of these are prepared by Customer Logistics Team Leader Utku Ünsal and his team. “Including processing and checks, transportation by rail takes between 20 and 25 days, and if time is of the essence, rail is our number one choice of mode of transport,” Utku Ünsal tells us. If the goods are not needed as urgently, they are shipped to China by sea, taking approximately 50 days from door to door. A number of other containers have already made their way to China via sea.

Karyo Ariizumi, General Manager, and his impressive sales force in Asia are in charge of delivering the ambitious growth plans for BINDER sales in Asia. He attributes the rising demand for BINDER chambers to the attractiveness and quality of the products. “We are gearing up for sales to continue to increase in China. By opening its new warehouse, BINDER is committing itself to meeting the needs of its customers and trading partners in China.” And if demand continues to grow, the warehouse is flexible enough to be extended.


“Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the combined team in Tuttlingen and Asia, virtually anything is possible.”