BINDER shows its commitment to training

February 2019 New training workshop

BINDER trainees move mountains


Here at BINDER, we have always known just how skilled our trainees are. Now, they have shown us once again exactly what they can do during the process of relocating the training workshop.


In the space of just one week, the trainees – currently numbering 34 – plus their two training managers, Timo Haag and Robert Pejakic, moved from the front area of the LEAN FACTORY to Hall 1.  Dealing with larger items first, including heavy machinery, then moving on to the smaller ones, the trainees put all hands to the pump and worked up a sweat throughout the process.

As the move allowed them to have a say in what their new training space should look like, however, it nevertheless proved to be a fun exercise too. “It felt great to be given the chance to set up our own new training workshop”, said Niklas Mang and Henrik Münchberg.


There was also some entertainment to be had in transporting the large machinery from A to B. Timo Haag and Robert Pejakic were full of praise for their moving crew: “It was a hard week, but our trainees were fantastic. We all had to put in long hours to get the job done.”

Measuring 100 square meters more than the previous site, the new training workshop now meets state-of-the-art standards. The workstations are generously sized and the spaces around the milling machines provide an inviting place to work. Despite this, Haag added one important detail: “We do have better conditions now, but we still have more work to do on digitization.”


Now that the move is complete, the next stage is to fine-tune the details of the new training workshop. March will see the arrival of another machine that will put the finishing touch on the space. When that point arrives, the celebrations can really begin – at 3 p.m. on April 18, the trainees, their parents, and their trainers will come together to inaugurate the new workshop.