BINDER chambers are helping to prevent a shortage of face masks

April 2020 Necessity is the mother of invention

Ortenau-Klinikum uses BINDER drying chambers to dry face masks


The Offenburg-Kehl site within Germany’s Ortenau-Klinikum group of hospitals and treatment centers is looking after a growing number of coronavirus sufferers – and now even accepts patients from France due to its proximity to the Alsace region, which has been badly affected by the crisis. More staff were deployed to Offenburg-Kehl in order to cope with the increasing patient numbers, but it was found that face masks were in short supply. Before long, a solution had been identified in the form of a drying chamber from Tuttlingen-based company BINDER.


It was a staff member who put forward the idea of drying face masks in a BINDER drying chamber after finding out that Offenburg’s fire department used this method. BINDER was contacted soon afterward. The Tuttlingen company has already been playing a part in the fight against coronavirus by supplying equipment for research purposes.


Ortenau-Klinikum is now the proud owner of a drying chamber made right in Tuttlingen. Staff members who come into contact with patients who have the COVID-19 virus are required to wear either FFP2 or FFP3 face masks, which provide a plastic shield that protects the face and gives medical staff the defense they need against viruses and bacteria.


Since it has now become virtually impossible to source face masks of this kind, staff are required to disinfect the existing supply after use and then placing them a dishwasher for thorough cleaning. The next stage is where the inspiration taken from the Offenburg fire department comes in. The clean masks are placed into a BINDER drying chamber, which is able to accommodate 30 to 40 masks at a time and remove all moisture from them in just an hour.


This solution has provided Ortenau-Klinikum with a way to not only protect staff, but also ensure that it maintains its supply of face masks – and the same method is likely to be adopted in other hospitals in Germany or elsewhere around the world while the coronavirus pandemic continues.


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