Maschmeyer and Binder compare notes

November 2018 Two success stories in one event

Intriguing discussion between Carsten Maschmeyer and Peter Michael Binder


Monrepos Palace in Ludwigsburg, Germany, provided the setting for a talk by Carsten Maschmeyer and Peter Michael Binder, attracting an audience of 80 renowned entrepreneurs. The discussion was a private event organized by Michael, Duke of Württemberg and Hayo Willms.


Michael, Duke of Württemberg played host to the event and welcomed financial entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer, CEO Peter Michael Binder, and numerous other guests to his lavish residence in Ludwigsburg. While the highlight was the discussion between Maschmeyer and Binder, revealing the fascinating paths that the two men had taken through life, the event also acted as a platform
for the entrepreneurs in attendance to exchange thoughts and ideas.


With Anna von Bayern – a reporter from German news magazine Bild – playing the role of discussion chair, the guests hung eagerly on every word. Many members of the audience did not know that billionaire Maschmeyer had come from humble beginnings and suffered an unhappy childhood.
“I was beaten by my stepfather and had to sleep in a dark coal store,” the self-made entrepreneur explained. He went on to establish AWD, a financial services company.


Life had not been easy for Peter Michael Binder either – his father died when he was only five years old. Although both entrepreneurs had a difficult start in life, they used this to their advantage.

It was clear that the two shared similar characteristics, such as courage, discipline, and a willingness to take risks – all of which had famously helped them to achieve their success.

Maschmeyer did not shy away from talking about the negative aspects that come with success of this kind, however. “My competitors spent ten years engaging in character assassination against me and the media picked up on it. But now we know exactly who was responsible and who bankrolled it,” said Maschmeyer, who by his own admission had been deeply affected by these events.

In addition, entrepreneur Peter Michael Binder talked about the many ways in which simulation chambers are used. Audience members soon discovered that they had in fact already come into contact with BINDER chambers, even if only indirectly.

“Our chambers are used in cancer research and for testing new medicines. The automotive industry also uses BINDER chambers in many stress tests,”

Binder explained to the interested audience of entrepreneurs.

After an intriguing and lively discussion, the guests headed home with minds buzzing full of the new impressions of entrepreneurship they had gained.